The world is full of passionate people with great ideas that can be made even better if they work together.

Workwith is a community of skilled professionals who are looking for help to realise their ideas and personal projects. Members can source outside skills by searching a network of highly skilled professionals to find exactly the right person with the right skills to help move their project on.

There is no monetary incentive - instead members offer up their own time and expertise to help other people with their ideas and projects. It’s all about good karma - you get what you give.

Workwith was created using the same principles of workwith. The project was made possible by reaching out to friends for consultation on skillsets outside the team. It’s amazing how helpful one hour of consultation with an expert can be.

The community strives to be the social change to help people realise their ideas, and ultimately make their ideas better through collaboration.

Who is behind this?

Hello, my name is Andrew Millar. I’m an interaction designer who works on a lot of side projects in my free time. If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, please drop me an email.

I am lucky to have a network of amazing people around me who helped get workwith off the ground. Special thanks go out to Tony Jiang (strategy genius), James Lees (branding magic), and Gleb Skalinskii (tech wizard). Hopefully workwith can help you find the right advice to get your project off the ground as well :)

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We are looking to build our community, so please invite your talented friends to join.

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Whatever your project, join our creative and diverse community to exchange your skills for the ones you need from other talented members.