How it works

Reached a sticking point in your project?

You’ve come to the place. Join workwith and you can source outside skills to gain access to these without the need to invest additional funds.

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Post a message on our Slack channels

Make it clear what you need help with and message the right channel. For example, if it’s photography you need, message #content-creators. Looking for tech help, message #technologists. Easy.

workwith messages on slack

Find the best person to solve the problem

Talk to a few people in our community, feel free to message people privately for more information on how they can help with your problem.

workwith people

Work together!

Arrange to work with the other user however suits you both best. Could be a one hour meeting in a coffee shop, or a friendly voice call over a Slack.

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Say thanks by helping someone else

Offer up your own time and expertise to other help other people with their projects – no money. It’s all about good karma - you get what you give.

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Share with your network

We are looking to build our community, so please invite your talented friends to join.

Join workwith on Slack

Whatever your project, join our creative and diverse community to exchange your skills for the ones you need from other talented members.